Terug van een succesvolle tournee door de Verenigde Staten met het Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest. Publiek en pers waren enthousiast. Mooie recensies, waarin onder meer de door Kaspar Snikkers gespeelde contrafagotsolo uit Ma Mère l’Oye van Ravel wordt geprezen in The Chicago Maroon en de Chicago Classical Review:

“The Mother Goose Suite which began the program is something of a rarity in concert halls. It began as a piano duo, then was re-orchestrated into the ballet from which the suite is derived. Each brief movement references a popular children’s fable, but the references are closer to impressions than to lushly illustrated narratives in the style of, say, Richard Strauss. Perhaps the most vivid of these sketches was the fourth movement, or “Conversations of Beauty and the Beast.” The contrabassoon figures—meant to represent the Beast—were fittingly grotesque, blaring in stark contrast to the tender, bejeweled waltz carried by the rest of the orchestra. At the end of the movement, lo and behold, the hideous monster characterized by the snarling contrabassoon reveals itself to be a handsome prince, his transformation cued by glowing descending harmonics on a solo violin. Tender compositional touches like this were beautifully relayed by the Philharmonic, and the piece’s more intimate instrumentation (with a relatively small woodwind section and no brass, save for two horns) showcased the orchestra members’ individual musicianship.”

The Chikago Maroon – Feb. 24, 2015 – Hannah Edgar

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